19 November, 2017

This is the outfit I wore the other day when I was in Zagreb. I'm absolutely in love with these pants from Berska. I wanted something different than jeans. They are perfect because they go so well with my new boots. And I can imagine them with sneakers later in spring.
Anyway, I pair them with a black sweater. Very simple and casual.
I lifted the whole combo with the satin handkerchief. It's also from Berska. Honestly, I wear it from the day I bought it. I'm a type of a person who can't deal with relaxed hair (if that is a right word, haha) and this is a great way to lift up hair from my face. And it's a nice accessory to lift up a simple combination like this one.
What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? How would you style it?

18 November, 2017


Hello my dears,
I told you I have been in Zagreb and went to Museum of broken relationships. There were so many stories, some of them were sad, some of them were funny to read. I definitely recommend you to visit this museum if you have that opportunity. I took some photos of the stories I liked and I want to share it with you. I hope you will like this post and if you do, I will write a second post about it because there are too many stories for one post. So let's go..

 After reading this one I was wondering, has she really loved him like she told him? I think a lot of people aren't happy with themselves and that's the main reason why things turn out in many cases like this. People should learn how to love themselves first. People should strive to be the best versions of themselves. People shouldn't look for others to make them happy, they should find happiness in themselves first. They should be able to give love first, not to ask for love. 
That's just my opinion. This story really left some space for thinking.

This one is so beautiful. I don't know why she doesn't listen to her heart if she loves that man. People often do such silly mistakes.

Anf the end, here's one short and pretty stupid to cheer you up, hahah :) 

16 November, 2017


 Today I spent an amazing day with my friend Ana. We went to Zagreb. Just chilling, walking around, taking some photos and laugh. I really need that. I try to see positive in everything but, to be honest, Universe takes a lot of energy from me. Sitting all day at the lectures is exhausting. Although we have lectures for only three days, they last from morning till evening, without any proper rest between. Also, I'm that type of a person who finds it really boring, just sitting, I get bored after ten minutes od lecturing, haha. I never liked that. I love to do a presentation for example. But all that stuff where you should study theory and be present during lectures - I kinda fail in that. I try to be organized and take notes and all that. That's just something I don't find myself in it. I'm in my last year and I'm going to finish it because I can't imagine myself quitting now. After that, I know I will go in different direction. Also, I do my blog, I decided to make a snowman and sell it, now it comes the time for exams and presentations...I found myself worrying how will I make it all and feel a little bit of stress. I want to work on myself, reading books, do some yoga...You know, that's a lot of things I want to do and when I don't make it all in one day, every day, I have a pressure like I don't do it right and how I should be more organized and all that, but at the end I know I should take it slow. Sometimes I just forget to enjoy and take things too seriously. Breathe in, breathe out. When I try to see my life from objective side, I think I'm a pretty good. I know to be too harsh on myself.That's why I take one day for myself and just enjoyed. We went to Vincek, a famous cake shop, and in a Museum of broken relationships. You will see more photos of that tomorrow. And my outfit ofc.

13 November, 2017


 I'm like a little kid. Found out this cool effects and now playing with them. Every photo is different, hahah.

Anyway, today I got my phone case I mentioned in one of my previous posts. And I was so happy all day, couldn't wait to come home from Uni to open it. And then...
I have Huawei P9 lite 2017. And that is the latest version. There is also Huawei P9 lite, but without that 2017, it's the oldest version. And I didn't notice it when I was buying my case. I mean, who will notice little difference while looking at all that gorgeous cases? Btw, on their site, there is just one option so I didn't pay attention to it. I want to say that there is just the case for oldest version, but not for the newest, what's a pretty shitty because they have case shapes for every possible phone and it's versions. Now I feel sad and guilty 'cause I wasn't careful enough. 

Everything happens for some reason. Maybe we don't see it immediately, but eventually, if we look more carefully, we will find out. If we have positive minds, we know that every bad situation leads to something even better.  We will see what will turn out from this.