13 April, 2018


It's 1:10 in the morning. Rain is pouring down. Love hearing it.
I have started watching The handmade's tale series. It's brutal.Watched it until now. But I can't sleep so I decided to write a post. The main question is - who's gonna wake up in the morning instead of me?
The candles are burning. Love the atmosphere they make.
I'm going to Novi Sad, Serbia this weekend. I'm pretty excited about that. Can't wait for new experiences. Also a new photos. Maybe some new knowledge.
Every day, I'm a one step closer to all my wishes turning into a reality.
What a great life it will be. 
Next week is my birthday. Wednesday. 22 years old.
I have that feeling like I won't do everything I want to do in the morning cause I won't be able to get up. It nerves me.
I ate three rows of chocolate while watching the series. It nerves me to. How to be more disciplined when it comes to eating more healthy, not touching my face, do things for my mental growth in general? 
I always end up on analyzing things in my head instead of just letting it be.
I will try to go sleep now. 
Bye, bye :)

11 April, 2018


 Hey you :)
So, I have had a  wish for a long time, to buy a Bvlgari Amethyst perfume. And I decided I would buy it for myself, because this month is my birthday, as well. 
But that this sweet manifestation happened. This is the new fragrance by Bvlgari, Splendida. My mum went to buy a perfume for her friends birthday and, as she chooses Bvlgari, we got this one as a gift cause they share it in a small version since is a new one. And it smells perfect. It's a little bottle, but hey. I'm so grateful for this sweet gift. Now I have time to buy a perfume. Who knows what better is waiting for me. Until then, I will enjoy this little one :)

How was your day today?

09 April, 2018


Hey you :)
It's time for another book I rode. It's easy to read and omg, soo good. I read it in two days. You can't put it down when you start.
It's based on true facts. They found the notebook and some videotapes from one of the handmaids, which they used for further researches. Margaret Atwood did a great job with this book. Easy to read, sharp... I'm trying to find words how to describe it, but you should read it by yourself to see what I'm talking about. Everything is described so roughly and without modeling. You know that feeling when something leaves so deep impression on you? This book is one of those, for sure.

The series is, allegedly, even better. Will keep informing you about that.
Did you read this book already? Or watched series? What do you think about it?