07 May, 2017


You know what I was thinking lately? I think this all story with fashion, Instagram,bloggers and everything inside that box is just too much and out of control. At least for me. Fashion is changing rapidly and everyone blindly follows it from season to season. A lot of that clothes is not a very good quality. Brands just want to produce what is modern lately, they look on quantity over quality. Everyone are the same. Where's diversity? I just can't even buy anymore something that have embroider flowers or flounces or off shoulders etc.. 

When I open the Instagram all I see is a lot of girls who's trying to find their spot in the bloggers world. I think it's just too overwhelming. A lot of photos are just set to look good on the picture and to represent some ideal situation, but in a real world they doesn't working. 
And what about some outfits which aren't wearable in a real life, like corsets on the shirts? I could go on and on with listing all this things.

I started this blog about two years ago because when I was looking at other bloggers, I could see myself doing that and the feeling of excitement would just appear. But even than this whole thing was starting to get out of control and a lot of girls could say the same thing as I just said in the previous sentence. 

I love fashion, I love taking photos of myself, I love taking beautiful photos of things and nature, I love posting all that on Instagram and here on the blog. I don't think I'm out of that box. I just think it's out of control and it becomes boring. 
I was never writing so long post, expressing my opinions. But this is bothering me for some time now and I just had to write this all down.  

27 April, 2017


Hello, how are you? :)
My week was pretty busy. I have had one exam, went to uni and to work. Didn't have time for literally anything. And the weather was pretty shitty, didn't have any inspiration or will to take photos because my body was so exhausted. So I will just take slowly next couple of days and take a really good rest. I already download some films, hope a good ones, haha ;) Also put some mask on my face, did my nails finally and send my thoughts far away.  
See you in my next post. xoxo

16 April, 2017


 Hello my dear friends and Happy Easter for all of you who are celebrating it today! :))

14 April, 2017


I just found this quote on Instagram and wanted to share it here. It's nothing new, I know but it's true. Specially the last line. Just be good person! ;)